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UNLOCK Growth Series: Business Development Masterclass

UNLOCK Growth Series

As a part of UNLOCK’s vision of restructuring the business services market in Egypt, UNLOCK Growth Series was launched to bring SME business leaders in direct contact with subject-matter experts on a variety of topics that help them drive their business forward and broaden their learning horizon.

The Scary Vision

“Despite the critical importance of the business services market, it always lacked structure and it is always very challenging to select, work with, and pay your service providers successfully.

Our vision at UNLOCK is to influence some structure into this market and help everyone in the ecosystem elevate their experience and work quality through this structure. This market is huge, with tens of thousands of service providers in Egypt only, let alone the MENA region, making our vision so big & scary, and that's why we love it!”

This is how CEO & founder, Fady Younan has opened the masterclass with his introductory speech at the second event of UNLOCK Growth series earlier this week.

The event hosted Ehab Darwish of iSkala Business Solutions for an insightful Business Development Masterclass in Consoleya, Downtown.

Meet the Speaker

Ehab Darwish is the Founder of Iskala Business Solutions, a training and business consultancy agency specialised in Business Development Lead Gen services. Ehab has trained and mentored on the topic of business development at Techne Summit, AUC Venture Lab, Start Hub, amongst others.

The latest masterclass was attended by over 70 business leaders & commercial heads, as Ehab Darwish has provided them with a wide range of practical tools & tips for effective business development techniques that drive results & foster better relationships with key stakeholders.

The Business Development Masterclass

The masterclass helped business leaders to:

Learn cost-effective techniques to boost business development results & grow revenue, especially in tough economic times where budgets are low and limited.

Redefine your target customer profiles to boost sales

Use data to massively boost B2B lead generation

Learn firsthand through a real business case where Ehab Darwish managed to:

• Help a B2B agency to be listed in Linkedin’s top 10 startups.

• Triple their number of deals post-covid through partnerships & direct outreach

• Close partnerships deals in major markets like Egypt, KSA, UK and US.

Tips & Tools Highlights

Here are the top takes of Darwish’s masterclass for business developers:

1- The spray and pray approach of your sales efforts, especially in cold emails, will never help you scale. It can be an assisting tool, but try to personalize your communications more for better chances to motivate the receivers.

2- Defining an ideal custom profile - or a persona - for your target market will help you direct your sales efforts more effectively.

3- Using scraping tools like LinkedIn, Apollo, and ZoomInfo efficiently use your data points for your ICP

Don't Miss Out

In case you missed the event, check the full video of the Masterclass here.

The first event of the Growth Series covered Egypt’s new e-invoicing regulations and the tax benefits provided under SME law by Ahmed El-Haddad, Country GM CorporateStack & Ahmed El-Kadeem, Managing Partner of ECOVIS ElKadeem &co. , Kozman, and Audit Manager Ashraf Abo ElDahab from Khodeir Consulting. You can check the full session here!

Special thanks to UNLOCK event partners CONSOLEYA & EPN!

More events to be announced soon and the Growth Series continues!

If you need business consultancy or any business services, please fill out the UNLOCK Assist form here and we will get you the support you need in 1 day!

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