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Ur-Serv Business Development LLC

Consulting, Financial Planning, Accounting, Training Services, Financial Consulting, Training & Development


Ur-Serv focus in providing SMEs in MENA with unique strategic business development services.
Ur-Serv is your trusted partner in unlocking the full business potential through its numerous Business Development Services.

We provide management consulting, supply chain management, feasibility studies, financial optimization, and many other services.

وصف الخدمة

Ur-Serv provide Business Development services and Supply Chain practical solutions.

Our Goal:

To Support SMBs and Corporates in improving Strategic plans and operational processes in all departments to meet the main quality attributes, train and develop employees and company owners and guide towards Business success and Growth

Scope of Our Services:

- Start-ups

- Business development

- Supply Chain consultancy, Operational Development

- Financial Development

- ERP Implementation

Some of offered Services:


- Feasibility Studies

- Strategic Analysis

- Business Plan

- Marketing Plan

Financial Enhancement:

-Cash Flow Optimization

- Assets Management

- Cost Reduction; Work on increasing bottom line (Net Retained Profit), Financial control, Cost and Asset Management


- Sales and Operations Plan - Introduce new technologies and practices - Enhancing all processes, (Procurement, manufacturing, warehousing, sales, delivery, returns,..)

For Example :

Monitor Procurement cycle, Forecasting, Stock Analysis, Inventory Management, Warehouse design, implementation and control metrics

- Resolve Bottlenecks, and eliminating constraints, reducing waiting times - Problem Identification, solving the root causes and preventing from reoccurring - Quality Metrics to reach Operational excellence, Enhancing Operational Productivity and Utilization - Elevate Customer Level Agreement Satisfaction through continuous Reliability (On Time Delivery in Full), Responsiveness (Fast Last Mile Delivery), Agility (Upstream with suppliers and down stream with customers)

- Help in defining the best outsourcing solutions

Digitalization - ERP Implementation - e-commerce - Training and employee development (business basics, supply chain, leadership, Lean six sigma, inventory management..) and apply onsite technical training when needed

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