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Red Rock International

Management Consulting, Events Management, Training Services


We do experiential learning. We deliver engaging, interactive, hands-on content-based corporate training modules and team-building events that aim to create transformation through authentic, creative, adventurous, and unique solutions.

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Who we are?

Red Rock International is a corporate training service provider that creates and delivers global business training courses and events. Our instructors combine a thorough understanding of business training requirements with a love for hands-on learning. The resultant courses are engaging, and memorable, and combine theory and practice to boost workplace performance.

A strong vehicle for transformation is the combination of intensive multi-faceted exercises, assessments, and realistically applied training.


Our Services

Experiential Team Building

In the previous 15 years, we've worked with lots of firms to help them grow their teams, as well as develop our own in four countries. So, no matter how big or small your company is, we can tailor our numerous team development courses to meet your needs.

We see individuals develop visions realized through engaging in the connections between each of these people. As a result, our Egypt experiential team building is for groups who want to delve deeper, become stronger, and think larger.


Content-Based Training

If your company wants to be customized, in-house development that is tailored to your DNA, integrated programs is the way to go. Experiential exercises are included in all of our content-based corporate training to help students remember what they've learned and to foster teamwork and long-term learning. We may conduct them at your location or you can come to us. If you're searching for a turn-key solution, we'd be delighted to assist you.


Coaching and Consulting

Individuals and leaders at various phases of their journeys might benefit from our corporate training. Many of our clients begin with our content-based courses to identify a specific area for development, after which we modify, mold, and mix our various soft-skill courses to match their unique needs through one-on-one coaching.


Corporate Race 

We use corporate racing to have a great impact, for example:

In 2018, Red Rock Egypt hosted the first Corporate Challenge event, in collaboration with seven important partners and Forty teams from around Egypt — Raising funding and awareness for Egyptian para-athletes competing in the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo!


Health & Safety Training

We give these courses not just to supervisors, but also to the critical industrial employees who are constantly exposed to harmful machinery and materials. Our goal is to make them a part of your safety rules and standards.

As a result, we provide first-aid certificates for people or groups that have been licensed by MEDIC First Aid BasicPlus.


RedVentures - Camps for Youth

Through our youth camps in Egypt, we assist schools and colleges across Egypt in realizing this potential by investing in their children's ability to contribute to society.

RedVentures is a catalyst for good transformation in Egyptian youth's lives. The development and progress of the kids, who will be the movers and shapers of our future, are extremely important to us.


Asynchronous Online Training

At Red Rock International we provide asynchronous online corporate training courses in which neither the instructor nor the students are actively participating in the learning process at the same time. Students and instructors do not engage in real-time, and information is developed and made available for future consumption. Self-paced learning allows students to learn and complete tasks at their own speed.

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