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Software Development, Data & Analytics


Frontline is a leading driver of cloud technology solutions and services in the region based on the value they add to the echo system and their impeccable track record.

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Frontline a Leading Cloud Technology Solution Providers

Frontline Solutions is an established organization that is geared toward providing solutions to business needs utilizing the best technologies suitable to answer such situations. In providing these solutions, FrontLine Solutions is to maintain the balance of providing the best-fit answer and having the client's best interest at heart. As a Committed Open Source Provider.

Frontline Solution is a dedicated participant in the local and international Open Source communities promoting Open Source products and licensing and advancing the cause of free access to information for all. Frontline Solution is a strong advocate of building partnerships with our clients and stakeholders through proper knowledge transfer and experience sharing, adding to the accumulative pool of knowledge for the betterment of all.

Cloud Technology Services Provided by Frontline

Complete IT Audit (Asset, Infrastructure, User experience, Identifying Gaps & Risks, Solution Reports)

IT Audit is the process of evaluating information technology assets, documentation, and infrastructure for compliance with established standards and best practices.

Cloud Migration Services.

Cloud migration services are a great way to move your data and applications to the cloud. Cloud migration services can help you avoid the hassle of changing your infrastructure, migrating all of your data, and managing all of the IT operations.

It is important for businesses to migrate their workloads to the cloud because it can give them better security, increased performance, and cost savings.

Cloud migration services are provided into:

a) Software as a Service. (ERP, CRM, etc)

b) Infrastructure as a Service. (Storage, Servers)

c) e-Commerce module.

Data Analytics (Diagnostic, Benchmarking, Priority, KPIs, DashBoard)

Data analytics is a field that is constantly evolving and changing. There are many tools and techniques that are being developed to help companies succeed in this field.

Companies can use data analytics to diagnose their performance, benchmark against their competition, prioritize different projects, and analyze KPIs.

We did all the above to support our clients manage and tracking their activities leading to mature business processes.

Their Partnership with Cloud Technology Market Leaders

We partnered with market leaders to create a broad portfolio of services and tools such as:

1. The No. 1 cloud provider: AWS Amazon Web Services.

2. The Payment Gateway. CASHIER.

3. Enterprise Software. ERPNext.

4. Business collaboration. Google workspaces (Former Gsuite).

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