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Flash Lead

Sales Consulting, Software Platforms, IT Services


Flash lead is a cloud-based sales management and revenue growth software designed to streamline your sales pipeline, regardless of company size & sector, flash lead products will take your sales performance to the next level.

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Flash Lead Story with Sales Consulting

Flash Lead sales consulting firm is a"Cloud-based" Web/Mobile application that can be used for customer relationship management "CRM." They are a company that specializes in boosting sales through responsive marketing tools, business automation & enhanced KPI reports for Managers & Leaders.

Flash Lead sales CRM is developed specifically for the Arab region and the Middle East where most available sales CRM are developed abroad with limited support and customization to fit market needs. Flash Lead’s main R&D and support team are in the Middle East which gives it great accessibility and insight.

Boost Your Sales by 28% with Flash Lead Sales Consulting

Sales Consulting CRM and Lead Management

  • 360 overview from lead initial contact till the deal is closed.

  • Customize your sales pipeline based on your buyer journey.

  • Calls and meeting feedback are all documented.

  • Connect your leads from all sources (website, social media, landing pages….)

  • Lead rotation and assignment based on your requirements.

  • Internal chat: in-app team internal communication for a seamless workflow.

  • Meet Me: book your meetings and sync with your calendar through Flash Lead.

Omni Channel Conversation

  • Connect your social pages (Facebook, Instagram,...)

  • Reply instantly from the Flash Lead Conversation platform

  • Turn every chat to a paying customer.

Automation and Integrations

  • Assign and Move automation: pre-set rules that trigger actions based on your condition.

  • Send SMS/Email automation: pre-set the rule for internal/external communication based on triggers.

  • Integrates with over 5,000 tools for seamless journeys and over-the-edge sales management including Zapier, Pabbly Connect, Woo Commerce, Stripe

Revenue Growth

  • Sales forecast to lock your future sales

  • Sales Module: start your sale and track it along the way.

  • Reporting and Insights: daily team and lead reporting with the top insights needed for better performance and enhanced communication.

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