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Top 5 SEO Copywriting Tips

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

SEO copywriting is an incredibly underrated skill. Writers who can produce both user-friendly and engaging content that is optimized for search engines are rare to find. However, SEO copywriting as a skill is on the rise and is being demanded nowadays from any writer in a company.

Why does your company need SEO Copywriting?

The reason behind the need for SEO copywriting is fairly simple and self-explanatory. From a search engine optimization standpoint, the most three important goals are to attract more qualified traffic at minimal cost, to create trust by providing the content your audience is searching for, and to successfully convert the reader into taking action whether it is to buy a product or register on the website.

Top 5 SEO Copywriting tips

Essential keywords

SEO is all about choosing the right keywords to include in your article. The easiest way to do it is to imagine the two or three words you would personally use to search for an article within the topic.

Successfully targeting the right keywords while keeping search intent in mind will help you get there. You shouldn't guess at the right keywords —make use of online software to assist with your keyword research.

Scout your competitors

An easy thing to do is check what other companies in the same sector are using in their articles. Make sure to take notes of their style and keywords and try to make it your own. Add your style and branding into it to make sure you deliver quality content.

Enter your primary keyword in Google’s search bar and look at the top 10 search results to determine what these pages have in common. This is what a good writer should do in the first place to collect optimization and copywriting ideas from your main competitors.

Information is content

Every article aims to deliver useful and engaging content on interesting topics. This is based on the information available in the hands of the writer. An external writer definitely won't have all the insights into your company. An internal writer may not have enough information, either. So, gathering data is essential.

Accurate data, original visuals, and catchy sentences encourage readers to share your message with their followers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social platforms. Brainstorm and come up with data sources your company has on hand and start collecting data for content.

Optimize your Meta

One of the most essential SEO copywriting tips is to make sure your meta includes your main keyword. This means your meta description, meta title, and other tags are in direct relation to your main content’s keyword. The title should help both people and search engines determine what your content is about and what information they will find on your page.

Include Internal and External Links

Companies always want to maximize their visitors’ stay on the website. You can do it through interlinking your internal and sourcing the information you provide your readers to an external website.

You can build trust in your copy by linking to external content. Whenever you add statistics or endorse your claim, a link to a trusted source can support your claim. By linking to internal content, you can guide your users to the customer journey and direct them to pages that turn regular visitors into customers.

If you are still in the need of further guidance, our UNLOCK service is designed to specifically guide you through the process by offering free 1:1 assistance to find the right service providers for you.

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