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Managing Business with Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

How does Enterprise Resource Planning Softwares Improve Time-To-Time Market?

As the world goes digital and all functions are directed to automation, we realize at UNLOCK the vitality to integrate ERP & digital solutions for all businesses, specially SMEs.

So, UNLOCK is bringing you a special event in partnership with the top digital tools specially designed for SMEs to help you manage this data.

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Until then, here's a quick guide to ERP & how to make the best out of it for your business.

What is an enterprise resource planning system?

The enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, also called ERP software, are the most popular tools used by companies to manage their business processes. They include accounting, purchasing, production, and sales operations.

It is software that helps companies in managing their business activities, assets, and revenues. ERP systems can be found in almost every company nowadays. They are used by companies to track sales, inventory, expenses, etc.

ERP systems are becoming more complex as they integrate with new technologies like cloud computing and mobile devices. They also need to support different business processes such as finance, HR, or marketing. In order for these processes to work properly, they need access to data stored in other systems, such as: CRM applications or on cloud servers.

ERP Top Benefits

The main benefit of using an ERP system is that it helps companies to better track and monitor their business processes and make sure that all the processes are running smoothly with minimal human errors. The other benefit is that it allows businesses to reduce costs and improve efficiency by reducing time spent on paperwork from long hours to just a few minutes each day. This can lead to significant cost savings in many cases

A great example of how to use ERP systems is the case of a company that runs a manufacturing facility. The company has a lot of different departments, and they need to be able to manage all their processes. The manufacturing department needs to be able to implement the production process, and then they need to collaborate with the warehouse department, who can use this information in order to plan their inventory.

It’s Time to Move to An Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud Solution

It is about time you move to an enterprise resource planning cloud system and make things easier for you. Realistically, things are not going to change overnight for the most part. However, turning your system from on-premises systems to the cloud is easy, and you can expect to see significant changes on your roadmap in a relatively short time frame.

Why consider using enterprise resource planning cloud systems to replace or enrich your on-premises system? Here are the top reasons why:

1- Replace Third-Party Dependencies

Businesses are always looking for ways to reduce the number of third-party dependencies on their IT systems and services. They are trying to find the best way to do that by implementing new technologies like cloud computing, automation, and analytics. Companies are now adopting Enterprise resource planning systems in order to manage their business processes and improve their overall efficiency. This is not just about increasing the speed of transactions, but also about reducing third-party dependencies, making it easier for companies to communicate with each other.

2- Evolve Your Financial Systems

Empowering your business with enterprise resource planning systems is a crucial step in the evolution of your financial systems. It is not enough to have a good system - you need to make sure it will serve you well in the future!

The evolution of technology means that we are now able to use software applications and systems that are more advanced than the normal on-premises systems. This will help with more accurate and precise results without the need for a third party to review and do the work manually.

3- Access New Technologies

ERP systems help you to access new technologies. They are a part of the modern digital economy and they are growing in popularity. The development of ERP systems is one of the most dynamic areas in software engineering today.

IT departments are working on the integration of ERP systems with digital technologies. This integration is getting more and more complex. It involves a lot of processes and procedures that need to be done in order for the system to work properly.

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