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Is it time to Rebrand Your Business?

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

There is a saying "if it works, don't fix it". However, sometimes statements like this keep many brands from keeping up with trends and standing up to the test of time. The market is everchanging with new entrants almost daily, and your company has to keep up.

Is it a good time to rebrand?

Rebranding shouldn't be a routine task in your business. Because life is a key factor in making your logo, motto, and what it stands for public recognizable. This is why famous brands are very careful when rebranding and rarely deviate from their original logo.

Why rebrand, to begin with?

We have seen this with Pepsi for example, hardly changing their logo but announcing it as a rebrand. All they needed to stay up with modern styles was the dynamism they added to the white stripe in the center. As a result, a rebrand can be defined as the process of changing the way a company or product is viewed.

Rebranding can involve rethinking everything from brand names and slogans to logos and visual identities, websites, and marketing materials.

Signs you need a rebrand

One of the most obvious signs of rebranding is suboptimal brand names. That happens. What seemed like a great name 15 years ago no longer captures the essence of the brand. Changes in cultural context can sometimes alter the meaning of a name. Sometimes the name just doesn’t feel fitting for the brand’s next recurrence.

If you do decide to rename it, you may discover that it is more difficult than it appears. In addition to the heavy task of finding unique and meaningful names, there are significant challenges associated with trademark validation and URL inspection. Another way to know when to rebrand is when your brand begins to resemble others. Without a well-defined identity, selling and growing your business can be very difficult. It's critical that your staff and customers both understand why your brand is better than the competition.

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