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Software Platforms, E-Commerce


A ready to launch eCommerce Platform that is Simple, Quick, Personalized & Localized!You don’t need any technical background to start your shop with all the needed integrations in minutes

Service Description

Zammit is an end-to-end ecommerce platform that centralizes all your ecommerce business & operations into one single backend. Through Zammit backend you can: 

  • Manage your business

    • Manage your products

    • Manage your inventory

    • Manage your orders

    • Manage your customers

    • Manage your payments

    • Manage your fulfillment and shipping

    • View your reports and analytics

  • Integrate with different business support entities

    • Deeply integrate with shipping companies

    • Deeply integrate with payment companies

    • Integrate with all third party apps & plug-ins

  • Publish your business on different sales channels

    • Build your website with a variety of templates

    • Sync your products into facebook & instagram shops

    • Sync your products with third party malls and marketplaces

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