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Human Resources Consulting, Events Management, Training Services


Wish-it squad is a bunch of experts on what we do and FUN is the key word for our methodology, we're here to support your business through your people, by providing people Management Consultation, Benefits management system & Game Based Training

Service Description

Wish-it is a bunch of experts and we are here to inspire growth through the heart of any business; its people.

Building sustainable cultures reflect what each business stands for, its values, culture, and purpose. From setting a vision, hunting the right talents, and developing them.

Our Moto:

Building Cultures through people-oriented solutions What we provide:

1-People Management Consultation

We provide full Human Resources Management consultation in different agile models that suit startups and SMEs, We believe that building culture and business ethics starts from building the HR strategy that reflects in spotting the right talents and retaining them

2-Game-Based training

Game-based training is the new methodology of the training, All in an engaging, motivating, and fun way

3-Benefits and Services

- Helping startups and SMEs to get their employees the benefits they wish for by providing a wide range of Benefits & Services in 1 place

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