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White Pawns Branding



White Pawns is an award-winning branding advocate founded in 2018 and houses a team of branding professionals. The agency provides brand-centered services to partners who seek unique market presence and positioning.

Service Description

About us:

Our portfolio houses brands across major sectors that include but are not limited to FMCG, education, finance, F&B and automotive. White Pawns has managed to gain the attention and loyalty of progressive brands within both markets.At White Pawns, we believe in spirit and storylines that bring brands to life. The time of the robotic automated commodity with generic price-value proposition has come and gone. We are now in the era of interactive messaging, and there is no better way to represent this than through powerful branding.Our best experiences with products originate from brands we connect with, and shaping our perception needs more than a logo.Today, brands need people, more than people need brands.Our Services:

Strategic - Brand Strategy

A manual that provides clarity about a brand’s strategic attributes that defines the narrative and customer expectations through the following:

• Story• Philosophy & core purpose• Strategic Positioning• Core Values• Messaging Architecture• Archetype• Tonality• Character• Communication Strategy

Strategic - Brand Content

• Web Content• Company Profile• Business Presentations

Aesthetic - Visual Identity

A manual that features the visual eco system of a brand

Visual Identity:

• Logo• Look & Feel• Visual elements• Iconography• Style Guide

Brand Collaterals:

• Mockup Applications• Stationary


• Design• Content

Consultancy Service

Assessment, evaluation and analysis of brand performance, design and strategy of products and services.

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