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Data & Analytics


Weekly Business is a digital AI supply chain solution. Our sales and distribution automation platform enable trading partners to connect, communicate, and collaborate from warehouse to cash collection in real-time.

Service Description

Founded in 2018, Weelo is a Microsoft partner and a digital supply chain solution designed to manage the sales and distribution process from warehouse to cash collection in real-time.

Weelo’s supply chain solution manages multiple sales channels including e-commerce, field sales automation (FSA), telesales, and e-payments, all in one platform at an affordable monthly (SaaS) subscription price per user.

The Weelo platform reduces the high cost in the number of resources needed in managing multiple software systems in place and their maintenance.

Weelo’s clients include manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors in Egypt and the region to level the playing field and empower MSMEs to have the affordable technology needed to compete in a global market.

Weelo’s solution requires no CAPEX or any upfront investment costs which enables it to be an affordable SaaS subscription-based tech solution for many MSMEs. 


Our Solution:

  • Real-Time Order Management: Order acceptance in real-time based on distributor inventory.

  • Warehouse Audit: Monitor stock levels at distributors and retail shops as they open and close.

  • Discount Management: Provide a variety of discounts to retailers.

  • Predictive Analytics: Innovative algorithms to help you sell smarter so you can make better decisions.

  • Route And Journey Plan: Geolocation-assisted travel arrangements for your salespeople

  • Field Sales Management: Keep track of your field sales staff and manage them.

  • Digital Collaterals: Allow salespeople to demonstrate products to merchants digitally via their mobile phones.

  • Analytics And Reports: For data-driven optimization, salespeople need performance measurements and management need analytics.

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