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Wanas Apps | Zoho authorized Partner

Software Development, Information Technology Consulting, Web & App development


Zoho Authorized Partner | Wanas Apps is a software firm specializing in digital transformation, particularly in business solutions.

Service Description

WANAS Apps is a software firm specializing in digital transformation, particularly in business solutions, WANAS Apps began as a software company in early 2020, With ZOHO Implementation and Consultant for Small Businesses in the United Arab Emirates, the company entered the software services and development market.

WANAS Apps began completely customizing a payroll system for companies working in Egypt in late 2020, which complies with Egyptian policies and regulations and has been deployed to several clients in Egypt before WANAS Apps made their first appearance in Egypt in early 2021.

Currently, 12 talented employees are working in WANAS Apps, including 4 developers to make custom systems work efficiently and effectively while making sure full advantage of the production,

WANAS Apps has built complete and sustainable customized Business Implementation procedures to ensure the delivery of full-service solutions that help businesses across verticals improve efficiencies, and productivity and accelerate growth Using ZOHO platforms.

WANAS Apps implements and deploys ZOHO Apps to a variety of industries, including factories, engineering services, e-commerce, contracting companies, regular and irregular employment services using ZOHO people, books, inventory, CRM, Projects, commerce, and more recently, we have been working hard to develop custom applications compatible with businesses Complies with Egyptian market requirements, such as the Egypt E-Invoice New System, which integrates with ZOHO Books, and others.

WANAS Apps developed Wanas Payroll, the first fully automated payroll solution that integrates with ZOHO books and requires fewer human interactions.

WANAS Apps believes in Egypt's diversity and creativity and has thus been actively involved in the software development industry. As a result, we must do our best with our small team to deliver a good model of digital transformation to small and mid-sized businesses, including startups, using mature Egyptian minds and the most beautiful tools provided by Zoho.

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