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VERO Advanced Solutions

Software Development


VERO provides VR production & development, starting from 3D interactive environments, 360 Virtual Tours and AR applications.

Service Description

We started VERO focusing on VR production starting from the 3D interactive applications, 360 Virtual Tours and AR mobile development; across different channels of desktop, web, VR headsets and mobile phones.

We have a global team portfolio in VR R&D for more than 10 years through the VR Lab, Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams Univeristy with track record of state-of-art projects between EG and EU research entities.



  • 360 Tours

  • VR Applications


Target Fields

Real Estate: Under-construction project visualizations, e-mackets, virtual visits

Marketing: Exhibitions, customer engagements, branding campaigns

Education & Trainings: Immersive programs, practical skills, procedural tasks, educational games

Tourism: Virtual museums, virtual experiences

Retail: Virtual showrooms, product visualizations

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