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USHER - Marketing Advisory

Strategy & Business Consulting, Marketing Consulting


We usher our clients through the puzzling paths of today’s complex markets, help them set a benchmark for their rivals, and illuminate the future of their business with bright Marketing strategies and effective planning.

Service Description

USHER-Marketing Advisory was established in 2014 with the ambition of providing professional Marketing consultancy to Egyptian local companies that are in search of excellence and world-class performance.

At USHER-Marketing Advisory we help our clients through their challenging situations by carefully studying; assessing, designing, and professionally implementing winning Product & Brand marketing tactics to turn these challenges into opportunities and make our clients stand out from their competitors.

Our Services 

Marketing Management Consultancy

At USHER-MA we work closely with our clients to develop suitable and applicable short-term and long-term marketing strategies & plans to address their market challenges and achieve their business objectives. We are keen to give our clients the accuracy they need to act in a scalable and profitable manner.

Through a 1 year contract, we at USHER-MA assist our clients in designing their Marketing Strategy & plan, then (re)structure / build their Marketing team, and manage this team until it's a fully functional and competent marketing department.

Marketing Management Out-Sourcing

At USHER-MA We try to spare our customers the inconvenience of high calibers turnover rates and the inconsistent performance of their brands caused by Marketing Management changes over time, by providing them with all the essential Marketing tools needed for their Marketing function to run efficiently and flawlessly

When a client decides to hire USHER-MA as his/her Outsourced Marketing Department, they guarantee to their brand professional, consistent, and outstanding marketing performance, through a special team of Marketing experts dedicated to each of our clients, and built specifically to their needs.

Strategic Marketing Planning

Effective customer engagement starts with strategic marketing planning. At USHER-Marketing Advisory we aim to develop effective and viable strategic marketing plans that in turn help our clients realize their objectives.

This includes studying markets, clearly pinpointing and assessing opportunities, and properly selecting the target market, in addition to creating a unique selling proposition, the appropriate positioning, and pricing strategies for our client’s existing and new products or services.

Brand Management

When it comes to steering a brand or a product in the right direction, we provide our clients with a bundle of effective services to help them accomplish their goals. We consider brand & product management – conducted after the research analysis is done, and the right Brand strategy has been set in place - as the micro-marketing part of the marketing plan.

At USHER-Marketing Advisory, we assist our clients in achieving the desired brand/product performance by creating and applying the right marketing Strategies & tactics using tools such as promotional campaigns, Consumer promotions, and Trade Promotions, as well as improving their retail & distribution channels’ performance to maximize the desired outcome.

Relationship Marketing

Building a reciprocal relationship between a brand and its consumers is not an easy task. A marketing expert needs to identify, offer and sustain the right selection of advantages and benefits to his customers that will lead to positive product differentiation and eventually customer loyalty.

At USHER-Marketing Advisory, we provide our clients with the knowledge and tools essential to create and maintain powerful connections with their customers; we empower their brand equity through a broad range of relationship marketing tactics, from loyalty programs to product differentiation techniques we help make their products stand out.

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