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Presence Business Coaching

Business Coaching


Presence Business Coaching allows your company teams and executives to grow and flourish by better understanding themselves and the people around them. We work with NLP and Enneagram to deliver tailor-made training programs, coaching and more.

Service Description

Presence Business Coaching has been established by 2 passionate partners who love growth, self-understanding and come to the table with a mix of over 34 years of professional corporate experience.

The word Presence means becoming more in touch with your senses, emotions, actions and the reason why you do them. We see this as the path of evolvement and growth for individuals, leaders and organizations. We deliver our training programs focusing on modern updated tools and inner work techniques like NLP and Enneagram. Being Certified practitioners, we have discovered the miracles of being awakened and became more conscious in our living and the way we do business using those tools. We helped thousands of people become more self-aware and empowered, and therefore helped companies grow and evolve while becoming healthy environments to work for.

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