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Performly Fully Automated HRMS

HR Services, IT Hardware & Systems


Performly is a full HR Management cloud based solution ,Performly established in 2015 as subsidiary of A15 group, Performly helps you streamline, manage and automate all of your HR processes and workflows through Performly (Talent, Intra & Payroll)

Service Description


Performly is a full HR Management cloud based solution, Performly established in 2015 as subsidiary of A15 group (Previously known as Orascom Telecom Ventures).

-Our HR system went through long history from its launching date in Orascom Telecom Venture as inhouse solution 14 years ago since the formal establishment of Performly in 2015 to share our accumulative HR knowledge and long users experience enhancements with the HR leaders around the glob.

-So Performly stablished its main operation is in Cairo Egypt with physical presence in the USA and the GCC.

-Our aim is transforming Outdated Performance Management Practices to New Engaging and Ongoing Processes.

-Performly transforms organizations’ human capital to a highly engaged & productive Talents while ensuring Alignment with organizational Vision, mission & Values. Our cloud based products focus on Performance Driven culture, HR Self-service workflows, Payroll & Internal communication along Organizations.



  • Performly Talent : Empowering Talent (Performance Mnagement)

  • Performly Intra : HR Management Software (Self Services)

  • Performly Payroll : Payroll full Automation

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