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O7 Therapy

Mental Wellness


O7 Therapy is a bilingual online platform and mobile app that provides online therapy in the MENA region, and mental health services for Arabic-speaking people all over the globe by some of the most qualified professionals in the field.

Service Description

Therapy tailored to your journey

Human beings are unique, each one has a different story with defining moments that can be high or low. We believe that human beings need one another most of the time. We believe in guidance and in support, in learning new skills to cope and to overcome difficulties. We also believe that you have the right to change your story, and the right to be mentally well.

At O7 therapy, we adopt a holistic model which deals with the person as a whole. Our mental health services are offered by a team of top qualified psychiatrists and psychologists in the middle east. All brought to the comfort of your home by our highly secure platform.

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