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Events, Public Relations, Social Media


Mount PR agency is your go-to PR & Communication agency in Egypt covering your business or organization's entire market penetration needs. We offer 360 services; Public Relations, Digital Marketing, Government Relations, Corporate Events & training.

Service Description

Top Pr Agency in Cairo, Who Are MountPR?

Mount PR agency is a communication team that delivers wide communication solutions to various business owners surrounding any enterprises and/or individuals. They are experienced and enthusiastic and deliver results. By studying the business, sector, and character of the client, we manage to satisfy their needs. They also plan, strategize, and execute your communication journey and guard you safely through every step of it.


Mount PR Agency Services

PR & Communication

Mount PR agency offers different approaches in the Pr and communication field starting with their media outreach from one on one interviews, social media management, and media events, to online and offline leadership opportunities.

Social PR outreaching influential key stakeholders and designs on-ground activation. digital campaigns, and engaging activations. In addition to their business services, they also provide training and internship programs, and tailor-made community service projects.

Third-party endorsement is the process of a company or brand seeking out an individual who has a reputation for being influential in the public eye to endorse their product or service. The most common examples of third-party endorsement are celebrities, athletes, and prominent figures. However, these endorsements can also be made by journalists, bloggers, and influencers.


Government Relations

What will Mount PR agency offer you in the government relations field?

  • Create opportunities for your business.

  • More people are becoming more aware of your company's business activities, and some are beginning to support it as well. However, they can't contribute without knowing what you stand for.

  • Make sure to maintain relationships with state-backed entities and relevant stakeholders in order to spread the word about your company.

  • Update time-sensitive information about your industry to provide up-to-date updates on strategic direction, policies, and new initiatives.

  • Your company can show the government that it is the best of the best by offering it, its services. Getting involved in this sector will ensure more work opportunities for your company in businesses with government contracts.


Events Management

- Event planning: by planning for and organizing any type of event from small social gatherings to large corporate conferences or sporting events.

- Event marketing: This includes creating an event brand and marketing


Media Training

MOUNT PR Trainers have 20+ years of experience working in local and regional markets. They've worked with government officials, executives, and management levels from multinational companies to local companies and organizations. A deep understanding of how to motivate your employees and drive results is the core of their approach to coaching.


Digital Marketing 

Mount PR agency offers a variety of digital marketing services and tools that should help you manage your digital presence. The company is also very good when it comes to reporting on your online performance, they can help you achieve the highest engagement with your target audiences.

Mount pr can reflect your brand image positively, and achieve maximum engagement with your online target audiences through Digital pr services - social media moderation - content creation - email marketing - corporate identity and brand persona - paid ads - SEO - social media marketing

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