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Leverage FC

Accounting, Financial Planning, Fintech


Leverage is a digitally enabled financial services startup providing the complete set of corporate finance services with the objective of achieving accelerated economic prosperity in the markets we operate in.

Service Description

Leverage is driven by the opportunity that emerged from positive and upcoming development in the legal and regulatory frameworks and efforts by the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) and the Ministry of Finance (MoF) to streamline economic activity, promote financial inclusion and transition towards efficient digital financial transactions across the ecosystem. A framework that has witnessed incredible development and focus of governments, not only in Egypt but regionally as well.

Our Services

Leverage offers a wide suite of services, customized and structured to each client’s specific needs and timeline. Our core recurring services are;

Tailored to your needs and matching your pace, we provide the resources, tools, and means to record your historical transactions removing the fog and providing clarity on your organizational performance. Fully customized and powered by our digital framework, Leverage ensures compliant, transparent, and timely bookkeeping of your operations facilitating the identification of issues, metrics, and KPIs.

Whether you need to understand and dissect your historical performance to drive execution, optimization, and operational efficiency, or you are looking into the future and aspiring to grow your capacity or venture into a new geography, Leverage has your back. With our fully customizable suite of insights & services powered by our technology and expertise, we help you take timely, informed decisions to drive your business further.

With every growth plan, comes a need to finance it. We help you build and execute the most appropriate financing structure to secure your business growth. Once built and agreed upon, we endeavor to source the funding requirements and optimize the related terms, conditions, and associated costs and continue following up post the fundraising until the transaction closure.

Our Value Proposition

Our team comes from a variety of walks of life, enriching our collective experience across various industries, functions, and geographies. Collectively, we deliver financial acumen and excellence to our clients, built on the principles of Credibility, Capability & Competence.

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