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Kandeel Consulting - Management, Leadership & Digital Transformation Veteran

Software Development, Strategy & Business Consulting, Management Consulting


As a 23-year veteran, I help companies solve their most painful problems, or reach their ambitious aspirations. I have run and prospered companies before, and I can help you do the same.

Service Description

Software Development Services: If you need to custom-build a software solution or product, I will guarantee that for you. The services will include identifying the pain or business need, the technical design, the supervision of the software engineers, and the eventual launching of the software solution. If you are planning to have your own software team post-launch, I will make sure a thorough handover is conducted.

Product Design and Management: In many cases, entrepreneurs have brilliant ideas, and they know that they can use technology to realize them. However, they miss how they can do that, and this is where I can help them. I will design the product from a customer-centric standpoint and reach with you a consensus on what the outcome will look like and how it will fulfill the intended value proposition. I will also define a product roadmap and help the development teams with the business input they need to build the product.

Project and Operations Management:

RFP Management: If you are looking for a software solution but are not sure where to start, I will help you navigate the whole process. After understanding the desired outcomes, I will author an RFP document, I will invite the best possible choices, will manage the evaluation process and I will help you make a final selection in the end. After the project is commenced, I will manage the winner on your behalf to ensure deliverables are delivered and outcomes are realized.

Business Process Re-Engineering: For software solutions to be effective, they must be built on solid business foundations; namely sound and efficient business processes. If this is not the case, I will help you with your process design or re-engineering. I will provide a map of the whole business, the main pain points that need to be addressed, how these pain points will be relieved, and how the eventual software solution will support that. The Process Design and Re-Engineering will encompass marketing, sales, operations, finance, manufacturing, inventory, HR, and any other critical aspect of the business

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