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Jinni Services

Facilities Management, Office Cleaning


Jinni services provide residential and commercial cleaning services in Cairo and its eastern and western suburbs. It was established in December of 2016 and it has since served more than 3,000 residents and 20+ companies in the commercial sector.

Service Description

Despite our operational excellence, outstanding customer service, and team diversity, we believe our real competitive advantage lies in the very core of our existence; our workforce. We are aware of the social dynamics that occur from the moment our team arrives at the client's place to the moment they leave. We understand that having a stranger roaming around a private space and getting close to personal items can make its owner quite uncomfortable. Therefore, we go above and beyond to ensure that our service providers are qualified to offer an exceptional experience to the client by not only getting the job done but also gaining their trust and appreciation in the process.


We invest a considerable amount of time and effort in our hiring process to ensure our Jinnis are more than capable of consistently fulfilling our promise of outstanding service. Our hiring process guarantees a minimum qualification level, and we always push our newly hired personnel to challenge their capacity and develop as individuals. Those of us who've experienced the immaculate state of a 5-star hotel room can appreciate that reaching such a standard is hardly the outcome of grunt work but rather a job requiring efficient, practical processes and impeccable attention to detail.


We also take socio-economical contexts into consideration by making sure our service providers are psychologically prepared to work in environments like that of the clients' homes or workspaces.

The Academy is a mobile training solution and blue-collar job provider that aims to reduce the unemployment rate in Egypt by offering theoretical and in-field technical training for the blue-collar segment. We're currently providing training to all business owners in the areas of:

  • Cleaning services and facility management

  • Cooking and catering

  • Elderly care

  • Shop keepers

  • MEP works (soon)

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