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Interface OSS (HR Services)

Recruitment Services, HR Services


A multifaceted organization that provides Business Process Outsourcing, for businesses of all sizes.

Service Description

Interface outsourcing, is a multifaceted organization that provides a truly unique offering of Business process outsourcing (BPO) across different departments of an organization serving the needs of SMEs, Enterprises as well as Multinationals, Leveling the fields for a sustainable bright business future that is both cost-efficient and operationally sound. Fueled by passion and driven by strategic thinking, the interface has been proudly chosen by many mega enterprises. Established in 2015 to serve as a reliable partner in different functions, through a cohesive, connected, personalized, and above all, humanized approach, securing a leading market position as reliable experts, that get the job done. Starting at the very core of what makes any business thrive - Human Resources. Our Purpose To empower business growth by providing outsourcing of specific processes or functions by utilizing our expertise to produce the best results, cost-effectively.



Helping businesses stay two steps ahead

Unlocking their potential by providing Technology solutions as well as business solutions inconsultation, and business process outsourcing. 


How We Do It


We bring insight to light

by challenging traditional thinking and ways of operating and bringing new perspectives to the toughest problems.

We drive inspired impact

by looking beyond the next deadline to the next decade and by collaborating closely with our clients to enable and energize their organizations.

We conquer complexity

by discovering unique sources of competitive advantage and hidden truths in dynamic, complex systems by introducing technology to make the most complex problems simplistic.


We lead with integrity

by confronting the hard issues, staying true to our values, and stating our views candidly and directly, this is what you hire us for.


We grow by growing others

enabling our clients, colleagues, and the broader community to build success and achieve their full potential.

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