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Helal & Partners



Embark on a journey through the enduring legacy of Dr. Helal Farghaly, the esteemed founder of Open Chance & Associates. His 45-year odyssey in the legal and business realm has left an everlasting imprint. Today, his daughter, Hadir Helal, with over 20 years of experience, carries forward this rich heritage under a new banner, Helal & Partners Law Firm. This transition represents a fresh vision for the future, while staying true to the unwavering commitment to legal excellence and dedication that her father championed. Under her stewardship, we continue to guide your legal journey with seasoned expertise and a deep-seated commitment to your success.

Service Description

We have built a reputation of tireless advocacy at the highest legal and ethical levels. Our connections within Egypt are widespread and deep, and are recognized throughout the government and across the business community as a firm with high work ethic and total client dedication. We believe that effective strategic thinking and structuring can most effectively be delivered through a collaborative approach, achieving our clients’ objectives in the most efficient and effective way. We bring a broad range of expertise to the task, including unmatched skills in navigating the legal and political complexities of the local market and bureaucracies, across several spectrums, including , ICT, energy, real estate and infrastructure and capital markets, among others. Open Chance listens carefully, ensuring a thorough understanding of our clients’ businesses and concerns, before offering opinions and solutions.

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