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Advertising, Media Production


We print everything except money & we do it differently! Whether it is traditional prints or traceable prints, we will help you rediscover the missing P of marketing, Prints.

Service Description

Our platform will help empower you to manage your Prints effectively and capture from your value chain real-time business intelligence. We offer 3 printing services

We will help any Marketeer, Retailer, Business Owner, or Professional to:

Manage acquisition better

Manage to brand better

Manager loyalty and retention better

Capture Big Data & analyze it in a customized dashboard.


Etba3li Services

Traditional Printings: Offset, Digital, Indoor, OutdoorüTraceable Printings: Prints that are connected to a reporting platform and allow you to capture business intelligence from your prints.üGamified Printings: Prints that are connected to a brand gamification platform and allow you to digitize acquisition, loyalty, and retention from your prints. 

What kind of data can traceable or gamified prints offer in real-time?

Etba3li prints will allow you to capture data from your Prints as if they were a Facebook ad or Instagram ad. All this data will be presented in a dashboard with analytics to help you in decision-making. •Who used your material?  When?  What did they do with the material?  Devices used?  Geographic location?  Socio-demographics?  Country? & much more...

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