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Advertising, Media Production


We print everything except money & we do it differently! Whether it is traditional prints or traceable prints, we will help you rediscover the missing P of marketing, Prints.

Service Description

Our platform will help empower you to manage your Prints effectively and capture from your value chain real-time business intelligence. We offer 3 printing services

We will help any Marketeer, Retailer, Business Owner or Professional to:

Manage acquisition better

Manage branding better

Manager loyalty and retention better

Capture Big Data & analyze it in a customized dashboard.


Etba3li Services

Traditional Printings: Offset, Digital, Indoor, OutdoorüTraceable Printings: Prints that are connected to a reporting platform and allow you to capture business intelligence from your prints.üGamified Printings: Prints that are connected to a brand gamification platform and allow you to digitize acquisition, loyalty and retention from your prints. 

What kind of data can traceable or gamified prints offer in realtime?

Etba3li prints will allow you to capture data from your Prints as if it were a Facebook ad or Instagram ad. All this data will be presented in a dashboard with analytics to help you in decision making. •Who used your material?  When?  What did they do with the material?  Devices used?  Geographic location?  Socio-demographics?  Country? & much more...

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