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Elrehla Events Coordinator

Events Management, Training Services


Elrehla Events Coordinator is one of the best events coordinators in Egypt, We at ElRehla (The Journey) work on building collaborative communities. Our programming involves an unconventional retreat experience bringing together.

Service Description

We aim to make our community a better place to live in. We do this by supporting the development of people and institutions that serve them. Specifically, we provide innovative and effective community and capacity-building retreats to bring together different groups, industries, entities, and teams for connective, reflective, and habit-changing experiences.

The fun we get working as Events Coordinator

A job description for an events coordinator is to plan, organize, and execute events for clients. The event planner should be able to work with a wide range of clients and create content for them. The event planner should be able to handle a wide range of tasks from the planning stage to the execution stage. we help your business grow better and in the meantime we enjoy ourselves.

Our Services

Industry Retreats

Our events coordinator plans and hosts sector-specific retreats for different stakeholders from a particular industry e.g. health, education, employment. The objective is to bring together the right leaders and facilitate critical and valuable discussions surrounding the state of the industry and its development. This format is configured to enhance personal connections and industry relationships between the active stakeholders, paving the way for higher ecosystem awareness and natural synergy across the industry’s value chain. Previous participants have seen the great difference between our approach and sector-specific conferences. We work with entities willing to join as funders/sponsors to cover the costs of the sectors they are interested in building deeper communities for. Our funders for previous industry retreats included: Oxfam, GIZ, British Council, Hivos, and US Embassy.

Corporate Retreats

Our methodology is designed to facilitate a deeper personal connection between company management and its employees. The flow of our program engages the mental, physical, and emotional of the attendees allowing them to connect to their peers in new meaningful ways. Our clients have seen noticeable results in team performance, engagement, and team collaborations as a result of our methodology. We customize our agenda to serve both white-collar and blue-collar teams.

Founders Retreats

Our team of events coordinators enjoys planning the most Founders' retreats programs. It’s an invaluable experience for founders of scale-ups and early-stage startups. Founders engage in carefully crafted programming that develops high levels of deep peer-to-peer exchange. The experience creates a highly collaborative network of founders with an effective support structure. We have delivered this program to both independent scaleup founders as well as to accelerators/incubators across Egypt (AUC Vlab, MINT EG Bank, Flat6labs, INJAZ, and icealex) as part of their kick-off for their cycles

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