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Deben TMS

Accounting, Financial Planning, Fintech


Deben TMS is a fintech startup that specializes in providing accounting, financial planning, and fintech solutions. One of their services is a SaaS solution that allows corporate treasuries to access all of their company's bank accounts from one view with comprehensive reporting. This service is designed to streamline cash management and improve cash visibility for corporate treasuries.

Service Description

Cash Management Services

Deben TMS's cash management service offers complete cash visibility into a company's cash position. This includes forecasting capabilities and variance analysis, which can help businesses make informed decisions about their financial strategies. The service also provides ERP integration, enabling companies to create accurate forecasting plans and compare forecasted data with actual data.

Bank Connectivity Services

Deben TMS's bank connectivity service offers direct connectivity with banks to access bank balances and transactions through SWIFT technology for daily position capturing. This service enables corporate treasuries to manage their bank accounts more efficiently and accurately. With this service, businesses can reduce the risk of errors and improve their financial reporting processes.

Deben TMS provides valuable financial services to help businesses manage their finances more effectively. With their cash management and bank connectivity services, corporate treasuries can improve their cash visibility and streamline their financial processes. Their SaaS solution provides comprehensive reporting and ERP integration to help businesses make informed decisions about their financial strategies.

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