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Web & App development, IT Services, Digital Transformation Services


CorporateStack Solutions is a software development company specializing in developing digital transformation business applications covering various domains such as Customer Relationship Management, Human Resource Management, Asset Management,

Service Description

We Are a Digital Transformation Company Specialised in Customer Relationship Management, HR, ERP, and More

We know technologies we support organizations with technology for advancement.

We specialize in transforming broken processes into seamless experiences, from complexity to simplicity. We use the power of technology to empower organizations to succeed. Our award-winning product CorporateStack is developed entirely by our team of qualified developers and consultants. Our development team is entirely based in Dubai, focused solely on continually improving and enhancing our products and services.

Our Services

Here we are today leveraging the power of CorporateStack to empower hundreds of companies to bring out the best version of themselves thanks to the magical CorporateStack recipe, and our various services.

Customer Relationship Management Software Solution

CorporateStack’s Customer Relationship Management Software offers your business a powerful solution to manage all your business aspects. Those include your sales, leads, quotations, opportunities, invoices, and payment collections to increase your ROI and revenue.

All-in-One ERP Solution

Grow Your Business With CorporateStack’s ERP Solution. Simplify and streamline your daily business processes and manage them easily through our cloud ERP solution.

CorporateStack Finance.

Generate your invoices and receipts, and share them with your customers with just a click. Manage your expenses, purchase, VAT reports, and more using a user-friendly and integrated system.

Manage all your suppliers and purchases and easily track your orders and get notified when stock levels drop below a certain level. Control your stock consumption and deliveries along with transfers between your warehouses and projects with this powerful inventory management tool.

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