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Branding, Media Production


A ONE STOP SHOP for media production aiming to create CONTENT that TRAVELS GLOBALLY..

Service Description

Captain Boy is a one-stop shop for media production that creates content to reach a global audience. They provide various services, including creative content production for broadcasters and digital platforms, brand identity development, a fully equipped studio, food content creation experience, and a talent community. Captain Boy has been producing yearly TV show content for global networks since 2017, including Discovery, Food Network, and Starz Play. They have also worked with various corporations and TV channels like Elnahar Network, Elnas TV, and MBC Masr.

Creative Content for Broadcasters & Digital Platforms

Captain Boy is passionate about transforming rejected ideas into attractive content for various audiences. They specialize in creative content production for broadcasters and digital platforms. They understand the importance of consistency in content production and work tirelessly to ensure that their clients get the best. Captain Boy has a website that provides clients with all the information they need about their services.

Brand Identity

Captain Boy also develops a brand identity for corporations, shows, and TV channels. They have a team of professionals who work together to create unique and recognizable brand identities that reflect the values and goals of their clients. Captain Boy has worked with different TV channels like Elnahar Network, Elnas TV, and MBC Masr to develop brand identities that have helped them stand out in their respective markets.

Fully Equipped Studio

Captain Boy has a fully equipped studio that is ideal for clients who want to produce high-quality content without breaking the bank. The studio has a huge collection of props and wardrobes that will cut down on production costs. Clients can take a virtual tour of the studio on Captain Boy's website to see what they offer.

Transparency & Deliverables

Captain Boy understands the importance of meeting deadlines and keeping clients informed about the progress of their projects. They have a transparent budgeting system that ensures clients know how much they are spending at every stage of their project. Captain Boy provides web quotations to clients to help them plan and budget their projects.

Food Content Creation Experience

Captain Boy has extensive experience in cooking and food production, covering concept development and production, VOD, food photography and styling, brand integration, talents, post-production, packaging, and set design. They have worked with various clients to create customized content that is tailor-made for their audiences.

Talents Community

Captain Boy has a talented community that includes chefs, celebrities, bloggers, and influencers in different categories who are all ready to create customized content for their clients. They have a full understanding of deliverable specs and targets for all social media platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok.

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