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Financial Planning, Software Platforms


BznsBuilder is the first Bilingual all-in-one Business and Financial Planning platform. We act as a virtual co-founder in planning, pitching, tracking, connecting, and funding to help dreamers become achievers for a better business community.

Service Description

We are on a mission to Boost Your Business Journey.

BznsBuilder LLC is disrupting the traditional way of doing business via digital technologies.

Our product and technology help business people create better companies, investments, products, jobs, lives, and communities.

We believe that the global economy has been experiencing an ever-increasing wave of disruption from digital technologies that have been upending the traditional way of doing business and everyday tasks, rippling from all aspects of society. This wave of disruption is changing business and consumer behavior and working habits.

As a result at BznsBuilder we believe that by equipping our business people with the best technology platform, software, products, and tools to solve and boost their business challenges, we can tackle the whole world's business challenges better, together. We're always looking for strategic business partners who are interested in building the future alongside us.

Our cultural values in Excellence, Communication, Commitment, and Objectives oriented help make BznsBuilder a platform for change.


Who is it for??

  • Future entrepreneurs and SME owners: Starting your own business has never been easier! Bznsbuilder can help you overcome the fear of the unknown, keep you on track, reveal if an idea will fly or just suck money down the drain, and instruct you on how to improve it.

  • Incubators and Accelerators: Finally, a business tool that covers everything for startup owners. Use Bznsbuilder to educate people on how to develop their idea and execute it.

  • Consultants and advisors: Impress your clients with a beautiful business plan. Help them plan, model, and forecast the business performance to ensure their ideas are based on reality, not fantasy.

  • Product managers: Easily manage your products and services from end to end. Bznsbuilder will support you in planning and managing new products and services from the concept stage to execution.

  • Investors and VCs: An All-in-One page where you can find all the information you need to evaluate the company you will invest in.

  • Universities and Educational institutes: Build a robust innovation and preincubation support system that unleashes students' creativity, entrepreneurial and management skills in preparation for a successful business journey ahead.

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