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Ascendant Global - Vantage BDS // Global division of Ascendant Group Branding.

Strategy, CEO Branding


Built on referrals and inspired by trust since 2004. Ascendant is a CEO branding firm serving entrepreneurs, CEOs of billion dollar companies, celebrities and athletes.

Service Description

Business isn't just B2B or B2C any longer. It is H2H (human to human). CEOs that leverage their visibility to become industry leaders, connect better with their audiences and build a portable brand gain a competitive advantage. Is your quality product/service visible enough?

When the only difference between two companies is the CEO’s reputation, CEOs who are ahead of the game in terms of CEO reputation management will likely get the sale. Brand loyalty to a CEO can often trump brand loyalty to a product. People connect with people. Not products.

Many companies see the need for increased visibility and credibility as a key to growing their business, but don’t know how to obtain it. Often times they spend millions of dollars on advertising, public relations, and marketing with little results to show for it. What they don’t realize is the brand is the driver to CEO & corporate success! 

PR is a tool, social media is a tool  branding is a tool the outcome is how do you get infront of the people that matter the most so they want to work with you!

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