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Abbood Tamimi

Consulting, Training & Development, Coaching


I help entrepreneurs and executive leaders struggling with mindset and behavior born from past trauma unleash their full leadership potential.

Service Description

Experiences of pain, trauma, or abuse can hold our souls hostage, preventing us from becoming whom we want to be. Many leaders and entrepreneurs do all the right things but still don’t achieve the success they want: they don’t recognize what’s holding them back. 

Entrepreneurship and leadership start with you, not the product or service that you offer.

I aim to help shift the mindset so entrepreneurs and leaders can achieve their longing lifestyle. I do that by assisting them in reaching clarity about their desired life, moving them from doubt to confidence, and from helplessness to capabilities. 

As a CEO and a Certified Executive Leadership Coach, I can share my knowledge and expertise using proven track methods adopted by Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

I also help aspiring and existing entrepreneurs by making their businesses a valid extension of their passion and purpose. 

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