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Finest Consulting Companies in Egypt 2021

Companies pushing to succeed in their industry focus mainly on doing their best to outperform their competitors. However, this can cause them to see other functions and departments as somewhat of a distraction of their resources and time.

One of the potentially overlooked areas is financial and accounting departments. Anything related to managing finances and keeping the company’s records in check is a huge responsibility. As a company owner, you must carefully select the people in charge of your capital, making sure your money is being invested correctly on a long-term basis.

However, consulting was never restricted to the financial aspect. There has been a rise in business and even fashion consulting firms! We see new companies pop up almost every day. How many of them will last? How many of them will succeed?

The answers to these questions are determined by where owners have a clear vision of the next several years for their company. Hiring consulting companies to assist with the scaling, business development, and product/service development guarantees that a company can gain knowledge and benefit from experienced individuals in their industry.

Here is a list showcasing some of Egypt’s finest consulting companies in Egypt for 2021. Each of them is extremely specialized in their field and respective industries, and they are ready to help your business boom.

Below is a list of some of the best consulting companies that we trust for each industry.

Financial Consulting:

SFAI Farouk Kozman & Co.

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SFAI Farouk Kozman & Co. professionals deliver services to clients in the following areas of functional knowledge; accountancy and auditing, tax, management consultancy, and corporate finance. They provide their clients with seasoned industry knowledge.

They serve a plethora of industries that include banking and finance, building and construction, energy and national resources, government, health care, and life science, industrial products, information, communication and entertainment, insurance, retail and consumer products, and transportation.

Not only does SFAI Farouk Kozman & Co. cover all these industries, but the services they provide are also just as diverse. The financial consultancy delivers services to clients in the following areas of functional knowledge; accountancy and auditing, tax, management consultancy, and corporate finance.

Their approach to auditing and accounting is based on an understanding of the business and focuses on key business and financial issues of concern to our clients. As a result, SFAI Farouk Kozman & Co. develop a customized approach to each client for an effective audit with the desired results.

This infrastructure of professionals with functional knowledge organized into specialized industry groups allows SFAI - Farouk Kozman & Co. to create multidisciplinary teams which are united in their commitment to finding inventive, client-focused strategies.

Stride Financial Advisors

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Whether it is a new idea yet to be launched or a running operation to be elevated, Stride is committed to providing the financial guidance necessary to take it to the next level.

Their aim is to ensure business owners are making calculated decisions. They provide assistance to organize their financial systems, analyze their data, and lead their business to higher successes. Their services include financial due diligence, business plans, financial plans, valuation, and financial advising.

You might wonder why Stride Financial Advisors are this keen to help out your company. Well, their fiduciary statement ensures every financial advisor under their name is legally required to put clients’ interests ahead of their own. In fact, fiduciaries are regulated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or state regulators to do so.

Their core competencies include financial planning, investment advice, and insurance brokerage. The first of the list ensures every client receives comprehensive, holistic financial planning for every stage of life.

Business Consulting:

Thirty Eleven Consulting Ltd:

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With over 20 years of experience in Senior Commercial roles, Thirty Eleven Consulting helps leaders unlock their personal and business potential.

They provide Consultation in Setting Strategy & Vision, Trade Architecture, Negotiation Frameworks, People, Personal Development & Talent, Management Strategies, New Business Generation, Pricing and Promotions, and Corporate & SMEs.

Arabreneur Business Consulting

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Arabreneur basically helps small and medium enterprises to achieve their strategic objectives, optimize performance, maximize profits and effectively take big decisions.

They provide several consulting services in Strategy, Development, Marketing, Research. All services are provided on a fully customized basis according to the special needs and requirements of their clients.

Arabreneur help organizations to innovate and develop new business models and winning strategies for value-generating growth. Their approach to strategic planning and management is based on bold and unbiased decisions.

Their team of professionals is always available to guide organizations in choosing a path forward building processes that draw upon a behavioral strategy to reduce the impact of cognitive biases that can affect critical decisions that will lead to greater impact and organizational performance.

Not only that, Arabreneur understands up and coming startups, and even relatively more established businesses, put product and service development and innovation at the forefront of their processes. The ever-changing market is the driver of these actions. However, Arabreneur aids you in developing a business model innovation. This can deliver a more lasting competitive advantage, particularly in disruptive times.


The Fashion Incubator

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The Fashion Incubator has successfully established itself as the first Middle Eastern incubator shaping the apparel and fashion market through offering a 360 solution to emerging & established fashion designers offering a range of services that include consultation, production, labeling, and marketing.

Through consultations on designs, materials, and colors, they help designers put together their collections. The Fashion Incubator helps young and aspiring fashion designers to strategize and implement their visions. Each client has a dedicated member of the team who works closely with each brand to create strategies that produce unparalleled results.

Add on top of all that, their plethora of services. Everything you need in the fashion world, from package design and web design to look books and boutique placements, full in-house production, and embroidery. Each one of these is a world of its own and needs careful execution from the brand owner.

For example, the look book service cuts the story short and saves you tons of effort looking for the right model. The Fashion Incubator schedules photo shoots after carefully choosing the right model for your target audience, managing hair, makeup, and final presentation of the look book. The photos alone can bring your designs to life!

We have covered financial, business, and fashion consultancy. They can be seen as the most common industries where you need an extra hand to help you or someone to guide you with prior experience. However, there are dozens of other consultancy firms with a proven and successful track record in other industries as well.

Now that we went through the list of some of the finest consulting companies in Egypt, you are bound to have found what you are looking for. Make sure to identify your areas of weakness where you need an expert's help in taking the correct decision or completing the task at hand. The ability to work with more specialized personnel at consulting companies makes those difficult tasks much easier for your company.

Consulting and strategy: A helping hand

Companies, and especially startups, need to have a clear strategy on where they are heading. This includes their target audience, their product/service development, their marketing campaigns, and how to general scale their business to become bigger and hire more employees to accommodate the growth.

Only 2 in 5 startups are profitable, and other startups will either break even (1 in 3) or continue to lose money (1 in 3) as reported by Small Business Trends. At the same time, a 2018 study by Kellogg Insight shows that a 60-year-old is 3x as likely to build a successful startup than a 30-year-old.

These statistics alone are enough to convince you of the need for a consulting and strategy firm by your side.

Financial advisory: Money in the right place

Money is an individual and a company’s most valuable asset. You need to make sure it is invested in the right place. No matter how much capital a company has, if it is put into the wrong resources, eventually the startup will fail.

This is why financial advisors are there to help and direct you towards the most effective and efficient spending channels. Financial advisors do their best to customize their approach with every client and accommodate how much they are willing to put into the company.

HR consulting companies: Choose wisely

Companies are driven by the humans you employ in every department and the way you treat them. They can almost be considered as the sole factor for the success or the failure of a company.

HR consulting companies help you through the recruitment process to select the right individuals and set up development programs to ensure they are always learning, growing, and happy. Human Resource is a wide topic that covers several spectrums, and those HR consulting firms are your ticket to making it easier.

Marketing consulting companies: A recognizable name

We live in a world where brands and recognized names dominate the market. Sometimes there are better alternatives out there but are yet to get their fair market share because they haven’t advertised themselves enough.

Marketing consulting companies make sure you reach the correct target audience, implement and execute strong marketing campaigns, emphasize the competitive advantage your product/service has over other companies, and overall improve awareness around your brand.

Business consulting companies:

Business strategies and practices can be more complicated to develop than business owners think. For a company to thrive, they need the expertise of older and more experienced individuals in a business consultancy firm. They will help you set a realistic vision and mission then break it down into smaller objectives to complete on your roadmap to success.

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