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Ubuntu Consulting INC

Strategy & Business Consulting


Ubuntu Consulting Group is a boutique business consulting group that provides business management consultancy, investment readiness advisory, and business education to micro, small, and medium businesses in high-growth markets.

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Ubuntu Consulting Group is a boutique business consulting group that provides business management consultancy, investment readiness advisory and business education to micro, small and medium businesses in high growth markets. 

We provide a broad range of customized services and cutting-edge solutions to help organizations facilitate change, optimize performance, improve profitability, and achieve their vision.

1. Ubuntu Consulting 

We understand that every business is unique when it comes to the support needed at the different stages of its development cycle. Capitalizing on our team’s extensive expertise holding leading positions with top tier multinational organizations as well as running and consulting small and medium businesses over the last 2 decades; we developed a tailored and innovative approach to help our clients steer through the challenges of growing their businesses and achieving their goals. We work alongside our clients to help them Envision, Transform, and Scale their businesses with solutions that are customized, result-driven and ingenious.

• Business Strategy• Strategic Planning• Business Modeling• Market & Competition Analysis• Data Analysis• Financial Modeling• Financial Planning & Analysis• Business Plan Writing• DCF Business Valuations• HR & Organizational Restructuring• C-Level Training & Development• Change Management• Digital Transformation

2. Ubuntu Investments 

Going through the process of raising funds for a business could be daunting and overwhelming for any business owner. Our team members played diverse roles in the international MSMB ecosystem from helping international VC’s raise funds, working with VC’s and Angel Investors to select, assess, and allocate investments, and supporting business owners raise capital for their businesses.This gives us the expertise to support our clients at every step of the fundraising process by understanding their capital needs, identifying the type(s) of capital needed, building strong business cases, and attracting the right investors for their businesses. 

• Online Market Research• Data Analysis• Business Modeling• Growth Strategy• Financial Modeling• DCF Business Valuations• Business Plan Writing

3. Ubuntu Education 

Starting and growing a small business required a multitude of expertise, knowledge, and skills. Each entrepreneur has a specific set of skills that allows them to build the initial setup of their businesses, but to navigate through the day to day challenges and build a successful organization they need a lot more than that.So we combined the tools, knowledge and know-how we use with industry leaders to help them grow and scale their businesses; as well as the experience gained from training 100’s of entrepreneurs across the 5 continents with international institutions like the IFC, UNIDO, GEW, and multiple VC’s to develop a simple and structured step by step process for early-stage entrepreneurs to follow.

• Startup Scaling Masterclass• Startup Scaling Bootcamp• One on one Startup Scaling program• Customized Startup Programs

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