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AdMazad, an Egyptian OOH advertising specialist, offers a comprehensive solution for mapping, tracking, and monitoring billboards with a data-driven approach. Their services include a user-friendly AdSpace Search Engine and proprietary tools for detailed campaign insights, enabling clients to optimize and measure advertising effectiveness.

وصف الخدمة

AdMazad is Egypt's premier aggregator of Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising, specializing in outdoor advertisements and utilizing a data-driven approach. Each month, they map, track, and monitor over 5000 billboards across the country. Their advanced tools and dashboards provide key insights to design, build, and execute high-impact advertising campaigns. By leveraging their AdSpace Search Engine, clients can easily book and manage billboard spaces to ensure optimal locations and campaign performance. Renowned for their analytical rigor, AdMazad ensures effective ROI measurement and campaign optimization, delivering significant value to their clients.


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