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Acumen Consulting

Financial Planning, Strategy & Business Consulting, Management Consulting


A boutique firm specializing in supporting SMEs & the start-up ecosystem, since 2016 and operates along three key streams: enterprise development, policy advisory, and coaching and training.

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Acumen is Egypt’s first boutique management consulting firm focused on empowering SMEs to make sound decisions and supporting policymakers in improving the business climate through innovative data analytics and cross-disciplinary analysis. Acumen’s vision is to create a platform for visionaries, professionals, and academia to come together to find novel solutions to complex multidisciplinary issues.

Key Streams of BusinessAcumen currently operates along three key streams: enterprise development, policy advisory, and coaching and training. 

1. Enterprise DevelopmentAcumen delivers consulting services and solutions to address company aspirations, market conditions, and organization design.

The company’s role is to arm SMEs with the required knowledge, tools, understanding, frameworks, and recommendations to drive their business forward.

2. Policy AdvisoryAcumen works as a strategic partner to donor funds and policymakers to assist them in understanding the current situation, forecasting changes to the key metrics, and analyzing the impact of different scenarios.

The end in mind here is improving the information infrastructure of Egypt and ensuring that policymakers make sound and informed decisions fully knowing the socioeconomic impact of these choices.

Acumen’s policy and donor clients include USAID, EBRD, UNFPA, ITC, ILO, UNIDO, GIZ, IFC, World Bank, IOM, and AfDB.

3. Coaching and TrainingAcumen’s coaching and training division focuses on empowering entrepreneurs, civil servants, and corporate professionals by educating them on the fundamentals of their jobs, along with what to expect in their personal lives.

The company provides training in untapped areas that, when mastered would transform their professional experience and greatly enhance the balance between the sides of their personal and professional lives.

In the past, Acumen has designed and delivered training to, professionals at Egypt’s Export Development Authority, professionals at the Egyptian Organization for Standardization and Quality, the Ministry of Communications and Technology Entrepreneurship Accelerator, UNIDO’s Leather Accelerator Program, and several others.

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